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Deputy Dean's Office (Research and Internationalization)

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and greetings.

Unit of Research and Internationalization FMHS is a unit headed by the Deputy Dean of Research and International Affairs with a total of 8 support staff who efficiently assist in the activities of the unit. This unit is responsible for the conduct of the faculty’s research and internationalization activities, which  are in line with the vision and mission of the faculty and the university to become a knowledge center that actively perform research of international standard, especially in the field of medicine and health sciences.

Since the establishment of FMHS in 1996, research and internationalization activities has been growing rapidly among the academic staff. Various research awards have been achieved by the lecturers the faculty and several  MOU / MOA has also been signed with foreign academic institutions to enhance the internationalization activities. In addition, there are 2 areas of thrust in the field of health sciences research that actively generate output that is:

  1. Research Center of Excellence for Nutrition and Non-Communicable Diseases
  2. Research Center of Excellence for Genetic and Regenerative Medicine (Genetics & Regenerative Medicine Research Center)

In order to further enhance its research activities, a clinical research unit (CRC) was established in August 2016, which became fully operational in October 2016. Among the activities are to provide clinical research consultancy by panels of consultant consisting of  the faculty lecturers, workshops related to research management and research output generation either in the form of journals or intellectual property. In addition, the CRC unit will also be responsible for coordinating  activities of Industry Sponsored Research (ISR) when UPM Teaching Hospital (HPUPM) operates.

In addition, in line with the establishment of HPUPM, which is expected to be operational in 2019, the unit is also responsible for monitoring research activities to be carried out by four clinical centers focusing on niche areas such as the following:

  1. Center of Excellence for Stroke Disease UPM
  2. Center of Excellence for Sports Injuries and arthroscopic surgery (Sports Injury and Arthroscopic Surgery Center of Excellence - SIASCOE)
  3. Center of Excellence for Urology (Men's Prostate Center - PPP)
  4. Center of Excellence for Clinical Immunology and allergy

The establishment of the center is to make FMHS and HPUPM especially as a leader in the field of treatment, research and innovation in the niche areas in Malaysia.


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Deputy Dean (Research and Internationalization)
Tel: +603-9769 2501




NAME Professor Dr. Rukman Awang Hamat
POSITION Deputy Dean (Research and Internationalization)
PHONE 03 9769 2501
NAME Mrs. Norshida Ahmad
POSITION Secretary
PHONE 03 9769 2501


NAME Mr. Mohamad Taufik Rahmat
POSITION Assistant Registrar
PHONE 03 9679 2504


Unit of Research and Internationalization

NAME Mrs. Zulhaini Jusoh
POSITION Administrative Assistant
PHONE 03 9769 2804
NAME Mr. Mohd. Nor Rizal Sulaiman
POSITION Administrative Assistant
PHONE 03 9769 2805
NAME Mrs. Sohaya Zainuddin
POSITION Administrative Assistant
PHONE 03 9769 2806
NAME Mr. Nuzul Shazli Zulnaidi
POSITION General Staff
PHONE 03 9769 2552


Animal Research Unit

NAME Mrs. Farhatani Mahmud
POSITION Science Officer
PHONE 03 9769 2389
NAME Mr. Zainal Hassan
POSITION Assistant Science Officer
PHONE 03 9769 2817




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