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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Research

The Office of Deputy Dean (Research and International) has taken the initiative to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) for processes involved in research and publication. The SOP is based on the MS ISO 9001 Quality Management System that has been adapted to the work processes at the Faculty.



Research Management


Research Financial Management

  • Financial Management of Direct Purchases
  • Financial Management
  • Calibration Maintenance
  • Financial Management of Inventory Assets
  • Financial Management Payment of Purchase Order
  • Financial Management of Claim Payment


Management of Faculty’s RU Data

  • Section A: General Information
  • Section B: Quantity and Quality of Researchers
  • Section C: Quantity and Quality of Research
  • Section D: Quantity and Quality Postgraduates
  • Section E: Innovation
  • Section F: Professional Services and Gifts
  • Section G: Network and Reach


Management of Animal House

  • Registration of Animal House Use
  • Loans / Equipment rental (Mouse Cages / Drinking Bottles / Pallets)
  • Use of Euthanasia Scale / Bars
  • Storage of Experimental Materials In Frozen Refrigerators -80 ° C / Refrigerator (Chiller)
  • Removal of Carcass (Every Thursday at 8:00 am)
  • Removal of Carcass (Every Thursday at 8:00 am)
  • Reservation of Animal Research Room at Animal House
  • Return of Reservation of Animal Research Room at Animal House 


Management of Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences (MJMHS)

  • Management of MJMHS
  • Application for Purchase Order For MJMHS
  • Payment Process of Printing MJMHS
  • MJMHS Circulation Process


CRC Management

  • CRC appointment process 


Management of MoU/ MoA

  • Process of Mou/ MoA Management


Management of International Visit 

  • Process of Management of International Visit 

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