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Bachelor of Science Nutrition and Community Health with Honors


The Nutrition and Community Health program is designed to produce professional graduates with expertise in the area of nutrition and community health. Upon completion of the program, graduates have the ability to plan and implement health and nutrition promotion and intervention programs with the aim of improving quality of life in the country using healthy diet and lifestyle approaches. This is a 4 year program where students are required to take courses carrying a total of 142 credits.

The courses are designed to provide knowledge and practical experience in nutrition and community health as well as nutritional sciences. In addition, to provide practical learning experience, students are required to undergo industrial training in various government and non-government agencies. Graduates of this program work in various settings. In the Government sector, they are employed as community nutritionists or research officers and in the private sector many are trainers, counselors, consultants or managers.


Nutritionists are employed in a variety of settings and organizations that include health care agencies or institutions, ministry, food industry, wellness or weight management centers, pharmacies, fitness centers, dietary supplement industry, institutions of higher education, research laboratories, welfare organizations and media.
They work as:

  • Community nutritionists in public sector
  • Nutrition advisors in food, health and nutrition related industries
  • Trainers and educators in health and nutrition industries as well as non- government agencies
  • Lecturers in colleges and universities
  • Research and science officers in government and private sectors
  • Nutrition consultants with the media

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