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Head of Department

Prof. Madya Dr. Karmegam Karuppiah
Head of Department
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Tel. :03 9769 2513 / 03 9769 2397
Faks. :03 9769 2395

Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) Unit was established in 1997 under the Department of Nutrition and Community Health. This unit was later placed under the Department of Community Health which was set up in 1999. The unit was separated into two in 2002, namely the Environmental Health and Occupational Safety and Health unit. In 2009, the units were combined and renamed as the Environmental and Occupational Health Science Department.

The department was officially launched in March of 2012, with Professor Dr Zailina Hashim as the first Head of Department. At the moment, the department consists of 15 academic and 4 supporting staffs.

Vision of Department

To be center of excellence in the field of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences in terms of teaching, research and consultancy.

Mission of Department

Based on UPM's vision as a global research university, the mission of the department is to improve continuously in handling educational program and learning in science, environmental health and occupational health at the undergraduate and post graduate levels. Apart from this, the department will promote excellence in the field of research, development and consultancy.


  • Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Karmegam Karuppiah
  • Head of Environmental Health Unit:Dr. Saliza Mohd Elias
  • Head of Occupational Safety and Health Unit: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Irniza Rasdi
  • Programme Co-ordinator: Dr. Vivien How


1. Quality of Education

To improve the quality of teaching, research and consultancy by focusing on professional training of staff at local or foreign universities.

2. Linkages

Fostering cooperation and professional networking among units, departments, local and international universities, Ministry of Health (MOH), Department of Safety and Occupational Health (DOSH), National Institute for Occupational and Safety Health (NIOSH), Department of Environment (DOE), and other government and private agencies.

3. Collaboration with other faculties in UPM and also with other universities.

Collaboration with foreign universities provided by the linkages from previous PhD students (tutor), i.e. University of Aberdeen, University of Sydney, Universiti of East Anglia (Norwich), LaTrobe University (Australia), University of Uppsala (Sweden), Mie University (Japan), Universitas Malahayati (Indonesia), Walailak University (Thailand) dan United Nations University.

4. Long-term Courses

Long-term courses leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy are offered in different areas:

  1. Environmental Health - Health Risk Assessment (pesticides/heavy metals), Children's Health and Safety, Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality, Solid & Toxic Waste Management, Environmental Geochemistry, Food Safety, Water Quality & Health, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Toxicology and Stress & Psychology.
  2. Occupational Health and Safety - Occupational Safety and Health Management, Ergonomics, Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Safety, Occupational Health Risk Assessment, Occupational Toxicology and Occupational Psychology.

5. Training offered/ acquired

Intake of new academic staff with various expertises; Opportunities for further study in local and overseas institution.

6. Grants

National, International and Regional project, which covers almost all areas in the field of environmental and occupational health. This is aimed for maintaining the numbers of publication and increasing the H-index per academic staff.


  • Telephone Number : 03-9769 2396
  • Fax Number : 03-9769 2395

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