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Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine)


Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine) is a specialist program at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UPM. Internal Medicine specialists are needed in the hospitals, universities and private sectors, in line with the Ministry of Health effort to address the problem of shortage of physicians ratio of internal to the community. The faculty provides this program with the aim to produce more internal medicine specialists to meet the high demand for the public and private sector with professionals human resources who have expertise in the field of Internal Medicine. Moreover, the number of academics for the program will be improved and will meet the needs of the physicians in the country from time to time. The program also aims to increase the number of Internal Medicine specialists who are able to conduct relevant researches related to health problems in this area.



Phase I : Year 1

  • Phase I is conducted for 50 weeks. This phase covers the General Internal Medicine, which includes basic and general medical sciences relevant to internal medicine; and clinical supervision in the field of internal medicine under the appointed specialists.


Phase II : Year 2 and Year 3

  • Phase II is conducted for 100 weeks in which candidates must complete training in Medical Specialty I and II. Candidates are compulsory to complete all the attachments within the 100 weeks.
  • The course content includes:
    • Medical Specialty I: candidates are required to undergo seven (7) major postings of Cardiology, Respiratory, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Endocrinology and Hematology, which run for 12 weeks for each attachment.
    • Medical Specialty II: candidates must undergo four (4) minor postings of Rheumatology, Oncology, Dermatology and Infectious Diseases.
  • In Year 2, the candidates are required to plan and produce a research proposal in addition to conducting the project. Candidates are also required to send a research proposal no later than 18 months after joining this program.


Phase III : Year 4

  • In Year 4 of study, the candidates will be trained to work as a specialist of Internal Medicine. Phase III runs for 50 weeks. This phase includes the General Internal Medicine II and expertise attachements in the field of the sub-specialty of the proposed research projects selected by the candidate in Year 2.



  1. Has Doctor of Medicine (MD) qualification or equivalent qualification recognized by the Senate.
  2. Full registration with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).
  3. Has served for at least four (4) years after passing the basic medical degree.
  4. Aged 40 years and below (only for international candidates) and can provide related documents for verification and review of the university.
  5. Fulfill the entry requirements set by the University and MOH Malaysia (for MOH's officer only)



Fee structure



Program coordinator  : Dr. Nor Fadhlina Zakaria, Department of Medicine

Contact number        : 03-89472568

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