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1) E-FRIDEM Learnability as Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Screening Tools In Indonesia

2) A Eucalyptus and Lemon Essential Oils as an Alternative for Symptoms Management of COVID-19: A Single-blinded Randomized Controlled Trial

3) The Relationship Between Social Support, Self Efficacy and Academic Stress With Burnout Undergraduate Nursing Student in Indonesia : A Cross Sectional Study

4) Determinant of Severe Preeclampsia Among Pregnant Women in Rural Area of Indonesia

5) Health Promotion With Peer Education : Knowledge and Behavior Prevention of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) Among Adolescents in Indonesia

6) The Influence of a Health Education Intervention on Hypertension-related Knowledge, Attitude and Family Support in Cimahi City: A Quasi Experimental Study

7) Spatial Temporal Analysis of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Occurrence Based on Epidemiological Data in Palembang City

8) Construct Validity Test on Anxiety and Self-efficacy Instruments in Preparation for Competency Test Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis Method

9) Comparing Effects Between Music Intervention and Aromatherapy on Blood Pressure Among Hypertensive Patients: A Feasibility Study Conducted in Indonesia

10) Exploring the Meaning and Practices of Self-care toward Pregnancy-related Complication: A Qualitative Study in Rural Area Indonesia

11) The Effect of Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique on Decreasing the Intensity of Smoking Among Adolescent in Indonesia

12) The Relationship Between Social Capital, Social Support, and Knowledge With Self-efficacy Towards Landslide Preparedness Among the Community in a Rural Area of West Java, Indonesia

13) Determinants of Quality of Life in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

14) The Relationship Between Self-respect, Self-efficiency, and Social Support With Disaster Resilience Among Adolescents in Indonesia: A Cross-sectional Design

15) Gender Differences in Determinant of Quality of Life Among Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis

16) Social Determinants of Leprosy in Banten, Indonesia

17) The Effects of Laughter Therapy (Humor) on Mild Depression in the Elderly at Balai Perlindungan Sosial Tresna Werdha Ciparay Bandung

18) The Effect of Empowerment Using Digital Media on Self-efficacy Among Adolescent Smokers

19) Parental Knowledge and Preventive Behaviors Towards Vehicular Emission-associated With Acute Respiratory Tract Infections: A Cross-sectional Study in Indonesia

20) Playing Performance Among Children With Cancer in Indonesia Undergoing Chemotherapy

21) Development and Validation of Discomfort Evaluation of Wound Instrument (DEWI) in Patients With Diabetic Foot Ulcers

22) The Predictors of Adherence to Chemotherapy Among Women Newly Diagnosed With Stage I-III Breast Cancer in Indonesia

23) The Efficacy of Dhikr Therapy on Anxiety in the Elderly People With Decreased Cognitive Function

24) Factors Associated With Airborne Microorganisms Concentration in Inpatient Department of General Public Hospital in Indonesia

25) The Effect of Religiosity, Self-efficacy and Coping Mechanism on Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients

26) Structure Model of Factors Relating to Reproductive Behaviors Among Blinded People in Indonesia

27) Disaster Preparedness: Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Among Rural Communities in Indonesia: A Cross Sectional Survey

28) The Effect of Multimedia Education to Improve Knowldege and Self-efficacy of COVID-19 Prevention Among Pregnant Women in Indonesia

29) Effectivity of Mobile Health: Peer Educational, Emotional, and Relaxation (Peer) Therapy Toward Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) at Teens in Pandemic

30) Complex Care Demands of Children With Cancers: A Qualitative Study

31) Factors Associated With Severity of Atherosclerosis Lesion Among Patients With Coronary Heart Disease in Indonesia: An Analysis of Angiographic Characteristics

32) The Effect of Mobile Application on HIV Preventive Behavior Among Adolescent in Indonesia

33) The Effect of Self-management Program on Improving Knowledge, Self Regulation, Health Quality Among Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease

34) Gender Differences in Determinant of Quality of Life Among Haemodialysis Patient

35) Cross-culture Adaptation and Validation of MMR Protective Motivation Scale in Indonesia

36) Usability and Usefulness of Mobile Health App for Social Media Addiction Prevention Among Adolescent in Indonesia

37) Relationship Between Internet Addiction With Risk of Obesity and Quality of Life Among Adolescent in Indonesia

38) Factors Associated With Quality of Life Among Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis in Indonesia

39) Family Involvement-based Model in Rehabilitation Program of Substance Abuse and Its Effectiveness in Indonesia: An Action Research Design

40) Prevalence of Neurocognitive Impairment and Its Associated Factors Among Patients With HIV in Indonesia

41) The Effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing on HIV Awareness and Prevention Behavior Among Adolescents in Bandung City, Indonesia: A Randomized Controlled Trial

42) Cross-cultural Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of the Situational Self-awareness Scale in Indonesia: Adapting a Positive Psychosocial Tool for Postpartum Women

43) Differences in the Risk of Dementia Level in Home-dwelling Elderly and Nursing Home Residents: A Cross-sectional Study

44) Relationship Between Empowerment and Patient Safety Culture Among Nurses in Indonesia: A Cross Culture Study

45) MUSKAR-T for Improving Mental Health and Cancer-related Symptoms in Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy: A Queasy Experimental Design

46) The Effect of Spinach Combined With Date Juice on Hemoglobin Concentration Among Pregnant Women in Indonesia: A Queasy Experimental Design

47) Mental Health and Coping Strategy of Nursing Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

48) Cross-cultural Adaptation, Validity and Reliability of the Indonesian Version of the Self-care of Hypertension Inventory Scale

49) Prevalence and Factors Associated With Personal Hygiene Practice Among Students at Boarding School in Indonesia

50) Experience of Nurses During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia: A Qualitative Study

51) Musculoskeletal Disorders, Work Stress, and Fatigue of Workers as the Impact of Work from Home Activities during the Covid-19 Pandemic

52) Effectiveness of Social Media on Knowledge, Self-efficacy and Breast Self-examination Practice in Women of Childbearing Age : Randomize Controlled Trial


53) The Effect of a Mindfulness-based Intervention on Quality of Life Among Patients Undergoing Dialysis: A Systematic Review

54) Barriers and Challenges of Treatment for Pneumonia in Children: A Systematic Review

55) The Effect of Foot Massage on Peripheral Neuropathy in Patients With Diabetic Mellitus: A Systematic Review


56) Integrating Family Empowerment Into Thalassemia Care for Adolescents in Indonesia: A Synthesis of Recent Evidence

57) Sustainable Community-based Disaster Management for Flood in Indonesia

58) The Effectiveness of Self-management Combined Telemonitoring for Patients With Hypertension: An Integrated Review

59) Spiritual Needs in Cancer Patients: A Narrative Review

60) Adolescent Coping Strategies With Parental Divorce: A Narrative Review

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